Even if you have seriously improved your skills in the kitchen over the past eighteen months, you may still be experiencing cooking burns. And as calendars begin to fill with social engagements, travel, and family engagements, getting food on the table during the week presents its own challenges. Fortunately, food groups were set up given the busy night of the week. With pre-measured ingredients coming fresh to your door, food sets are a hybrid between ready-made and home-cooked foods, and a great choice if that doesn’t stop you from doing a little work-emphasis on slightlywith

Whether you are feeding yourself or have a select few eaters to join you, there is an easy meal set service for everyone. Various companies offer menus built around dietary preferences, cuisine, cooking time and cost per ration, plus the ability to personalize deliveries according to your schedule. Food kits can help you reduce food waste and introduce you and your family to new flavors and techniques, so you can be inspired the next time you are ready to dive back into cooking. Until then, check out these meal service services that make cooking during the week easy and delicious.

Personalized recipes designed by the chef

Recipes designed by Blue Apron Chef are shipped in recyclable, refrigerated packaging that ensures food safety and freshness, whether you order meat, seafood or one of their many diabetic-friendly or WW-approved food options. Their extensive menu is divided into three plans, Signature, Vegetarian and Wellness, which allow you to personalize your meals based on health preferences and goals. Each recipe serves two people (plus there is an option with four servings for larger meals), and Blue Apron offers a choice of two to four recipes per week, some of which take less than 20 minutes to prepare .

Depending on how many rations you order and which meal plan you choose, meals start at $ 3.12 per serving, plus shipping. If you are looking for a bottle of wine to complement your meal, Blue Apron also offers a wine pairing arrangement that removes assumptions from the process while also saving you a trip to the liquor store.

Cozy food for the family

Dinnerly describes its menu of meal sets as “unpleasant” and indeed many of their recipes can be considered cozy food as they contain the classic trio of proteins, vegetables and starch. Up to four vegetarian recipes are offered per week, and a handful of child-friendly, adult-friendly meals make Dinner a good option for families.

Based on the number of people you want to feed and how many recipes you want per week, you can order a two-person box or a family box, which feeds four people, and choose up to six recipes. Dinner keeps costs up to $ 4.07 per serving (plus shipping) by using fewer ingredients in their recipes and replacing paper recipe cards with digital recipes.

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A vegetable-forward menu

Whether you follow a strict, plant-based diet or want to include more vegetables in your routine, Purple Carrot offers a curated menu with vegan and vegetarian recipes that are hearty and satisfying. All of their recipes can be customized to feed two or four people, and are easy to sort by cuisine, ingredients, meal category, and dietary concerns. Consumers can choose between high-protein, gluten-free, quick and easy meals or Chef’s Choice, with the option of getting three or four meals a week.

Foods arrive in a combination of compostable, recyclable, and reusable packaging, and take 25 to 50 minutes to prepare. Depending on the number of rations and meals selected, Purple Carrot prices start at $ 9.99 per serving, which includes shipping.

Healthy options for any culinary preference

Sunbasket Healthy Food Service is divided into 10 different plans that meet a wide range of dietary preferences and include gluten-free, pescatarian and carb-conscious recipes. Each meal is for two people and, depending on the recipe, can be prepared in just 15 minutes with minimal preparation.

Customers can filter through Sunbasket offerings using calorie counting, cooking time and dietary requirements, and foods can be mixed and matched to keep things interesting. Prices start at $ 10.99 per serving, and Sunbasket’s flexible service makes it easy to spend a week or stop your meal plan at any time.

Next level meal planning

If variety is a major concern, Hello Fresh food box service is a good option, offering more than 27 fresh recipes a week to keep you enjoying the flavors. Menu plans are easy to customize, starting with a choice between categories like Family Friendly, Quick and Easy, Calorie Smart and Pescatarian, and the ability to get up to six unique recipes per week serving two or four people.

Customers can preview menus up to five weeks in advance and update their delivery schedule using the Hello Fresh app or website, allowing them with busy lives to plan ahead. With some recipes requiring only 15 minutes of preparation, Hello Fresh meals start at $ 7.49 per serving, plus shipping.

Various dishes in a custom created schedule

To help you personalize your choices of more than 30 food options per week, Home Chef asks customers to take a short quiz to learn about lifestyle, schedule and dietary preferences. Time-limited consumers can choose from a handful of carb-conscious vegetarian meals, 15 and 30 minutes, and Home Chef’s unique Personalization feature lets you update, exchange or increase the amount of protein in selected recipes . Recipes rotate weekly and include options for all skill levels, and start at $ 6.99 per service, plus shipping.

Farm-Fresh and Foolproof Recipes

Martha Stewart Meal Bag Service, Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, offers up to 30 unique recipes from five categories each week, including Health and Food, Vegetarian and Vegan, Meat and Fish, Under 30 Minutes, and family-friendly meals . Like other meal set services, the ingredients arrive fresh and pre-packaged in the fridge, however Marley Spoon’s recipe cards are ultimately straightforward with only six correct steps for delicious and impeccable food in just 30 minutes. Depending on the amount of meals and portions you order per week, Marley Spoons prices start at $ 6.99 per serving, plus shipping.

Menu with sustainable and organic source

Hailing from the Hello Fresh family, Green Chef is a good meal completion option for people committed to eating GMO-free ingredients, pesticides and antibiotics. An organic company certified by the USDA, Green Chef’s weekly menu is divided into three categories — Keto & Paleo, Plant Powered and Balanced Living — with recipes that take about 30 minutes to prepare.

Detailed recipe cards prepared by the Green Chef culinary team include useful time and visual suggestions, as well as tips and tricks to ensure great results. Green Chef works with farmers to provide sustainable ingredients and offers special discounts for first responders, active military, veterans, teachers and others who support and serve the community.

Classic foods made easy

Whether you choose the Gobble’s Classic, Vegetarian or Lean & Clean plan, you will be able to choose from a menu that includes a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, which arrive prepared and ready to cook in as little as 15 minutes. Compared to some other meal service, Gobble’s menu is less focused on trendy dietary preferences. However, their Lean & Clean plan has a variety of low-calorie (under 600 calorie) recipes, low-protein low-carbohydrate recipes for anyone focusing on healthier food. You can also disable certain foods within the Classic plan if you avoid them for any reason. Gobble food kits start at $ 11.99 per serving, including shipping, and your weekly box can be customized to feed two or four people, using three or four recipes.

A simple, affordable alternative to getting food

EveryPlate meal kits cost up to $ 4.99 per serving depending on the number of servings and recipes you choose. Although the selected recipes can be considered vegetarian or pescatarian, the somewhat limited menu of 14 EveryPlate recipes does not particularly serve specialized diets. This, as well as strict controls on ingredient costs and efficient packaging, allow them to maintain competitive prices.

Customers can order three to five meals a week for two or four people, and can skip or stop deliveries as needed. Like parent company Hello Fresh, EveryPlate meals are shipped for an additional fee, but they still manage to be a great value based on the food without sacrificing the quality or portion size.