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July 2021 was a fiery month for the new space race. As some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs each rose to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, the founders of the plant-based Latin American food company Future Farm have their own ideas of where our priorities should be and have given a simple devastating answer:

“F ** k Mars: the future is Earth, the future is plant-based.”

Dedicated to sowing the seeds of change and cultivating joy in the belly all over the world, this call to commit to the future of our world includes their new product range: Future Burger 2030, Future Mince 2030 and Future Meatball 2030.

Strong believers in the power of plants to make sure people can enjoy the Earth for a very long time, the new range from the plant-based food production plant in Rio de Janeiro is the healthiest, most delicious, the most focused on the environment.