by Ashish Kalra
BS (University of Texas, Austin), Master (Cornell University), MBA (University of Chicago)
The current pandemic has been devastating, killing over 4.7 million people worldwide. We have spent considerable time trying to establish COVID19. The virus came from an animal host (infected by bats). Why not from a lab? “The most important thing is number one, Computer Biologist K Andersen, who concludes, ‘The virus must have been born of natural selection, not manipulation.’ calculated the best design, and therefore can not be “manipulated”. Has a “natural origin”. Page & Hinshaw of the WSJ repeatedly emphasize the “Animal Origin of the Virus.” Moreover, the symptoms of “acute respiratory syndrome” are exactly identical to SARS and MERS.
After a careful study of animal viruses over the last 100 years, I have reconfirmed supported by scientific evidence that Naked Coronaviruses (as shown below) have caused Hendra virus (horses), Nipah virus (pigs), Ebola (Nats). of the night), MERS (Camels), SARS (Civets) and now COVID19 (Pangolins / Badgers) at different times of the last 50-60 years. (Also refer to “Collision of 2 Ecosystems”, Times of India, August 2 and my latest book, “The Killer Bat”, Kalra, 2021). These viruses are then transmitted to humans when humans consume these animals infected by bats. Examples of this are the Asian Influenza Pandemic (1957-58), caused by Human Consumption of Ducks (Source: CDC) when over 1.1 million people were killed, the deadly SARS virus (Civets Human Consumption, 2002, China: Source: Roos , “Nature 2020”). Civet is a 4-legged mammal found in China, resembling a leopard to some extent. Same with the MERS (Human Consumption of Camels; Source: WHO & CDC) virus, which started in Saudi Arabia and spread to 27 countries. Here also the virus started from bats, and spread to camels, when it then spread to humans with the consumption of camels by humans. The deadly SARS virus spread to 32 countries in less than a month. The prevalence and pathogenesis of COVID19 is very similar and almost identical to that in SARS. Different animals (Pangolini / Ferret Badger; Source: Page, Hinshaw, WSJ February 21) this time. The same conclusion.
a) “Place of separation of Furin” At the heart of these nude Coronaviruses is a “Furin cleavage site” which is present throughout the Coronaviruses (Wao, Zhang: Stem Cell Medicine, 2020), which activates a protease enzyme called the “furin” of which grabs a protein in our cells. This place of separation of Furin takes different forms in different Animals, but are caused by Bats Coronaviruses.

For example, in COVID19, he has an RBD that binds highly affinity to the human ACE2 receptor, that grabs proteins in our cells. The Furin Cleavage page is key to “virus amplification”. SARS-COV2 has a polybase insertion (PRAR) at the S1 / S2 separation site that can be “separated from the furnace”. Similar action with respect to the Furin division zone in the SARS virus (Civets). Similarly, an analogous “separation motif” was present in S1 / S2 of the Spike protein for MERS (Camels) (Weber, Scientific Reports 16597). This yeast protein enables MERS (Camels) like Coronaviruses from bats to infect human cells. The same in the case of Nipah Virus (caused by human consumption of swine infected pigs) as well. A peptide with multiple divisions in protein F “Nipah Virus” (Nude Infected Pigs) impairs proteolytic processing (Diedrich, PMID 19665506). Similar to Hendra virus (horses). This place of separation Furin operates when Humans eat these respective Animals. This “Furin” seizes protein in human cells, multiplies and eventually causes death in human beings. These Furin sharing sites are created to “reinforce” the high infectivity of the virus and become deadly when humans consume these Animals. Further and most importantly, these bat bat coronaviruses also spread to adult domestic animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens (Stanley Perlman & Fehr, PMID 25720466). They cause “fatal” diseases such as Enteritis in Cattle and Pigs, Respiratory Diseases in Chickens, which are transmitted to humans during consumption and can lead to Death in Human Beings. For example, recently, over 7 million chickens were destroyed in Europe recently (potential spread of the H5N8 virus from chickens to humans). Further, 800,000 chickens were slaughtered in Russia due to the H5N8 virus. China reports H10N3 virus; the spread of the virus back to humans. Even when chicken is cooked, the virus is transmitted to humans (Source: COVID19: Deborah MacKenzie). The New York Times Gorman aptly describes this in “A New Bird Flu Jumps on Humans” (New York Times, April 21).
b) Human beings and animals are different ecosystems : In “Collision of 2 Ecosystems” (Times of India, Kalra, August 2). I illustrate the mechanics of [(Animal-Human) + (Human-Human)raise to N transmission] with illustrations by The Asian Flu Pandemic (Ducks, 1958), SARS (Civets, 2002); MERS (Camels, 2012) and now COVID19 (Pangolin / Badgers). These viruses are transmitted from Animals to humans and then transmitted from Human to Human. The night owl plays the role of a “killer bat” from a human point of view, as these nude coronaviruses cause deadly viruses and also the actual pandemic. But bats are also a “major integral part” of the animal ecosystem – they pollinate over 500 flowers and “eat deadly mosquitoes”, which cause diseases harmful to humans. Thus, bats play an important role in protecting the Animal Kingdom from being harmed by Human Beings. Moreover, animals are able to suck these naked Coronaviruses. Humans cannot absorb these nude coronaviruses due to the design of Furin separation sites. In a walnut shell, humans were not created to eat animals. It’s like mixing oil and water, you can’t. Similarly, when cannibals eat human beings, they get brain diseases. Net Network, Humans can not violate the animal ecosystem.
c) “The design of human beings is vegetarian”Finally, what we need to keep in mind is that human beings were created to be “vegetarians,” not carnivores. Human beings do not have dog teeth like carnivores to tear meat, they have much smaller kidneys than carnivores, which have larger kidneys to flush out venomous meat. Human beings have much larger intestines like herbivores, unlike carnivores that have much smaller intestines. Finally, herbivores including human beings have much lower levels of hydrochloric acid; Carnivores have high levels of hydrochloric acid to digest meat. The Net, the Design of Human Beings is “Vegetarian” and is similar to Herbivores. In conclusion, the “Furin Separation Site” facilitated by Bat Coronaviruses provides and protects animals from human consumption. Similarly, when cannibals eat human beings, they get brain diseases. The remedy to get out of this pandemic and prevent future pandemics is to “break the animal food chain”. We will have to adopt a laboratory based plant and meat diet (3-year migration path). Period. Islands like Samoa and the Solomon Islands which follow mostly vegetarian diets are an important reinforcement point in leading a “Zero Covid regime”. A turning point is when a “series of negative actions act together”. Negative actions have been killing and eating animals. The 2020 pandemic is this turning point.
d) “Why are plant-based diets critical?” Finally, the renowned cardiologist of the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Esselstyn’s world-class research on the critique of a plant-based diet in stopping all forms of “coronary heart disease” (pls read “Prevention and Reversal of Heart Disease”, Penguin Group). There is a science behind it. A plant-based diet stimulates endothelial cells to produce nitric oxide (Nobel Prize 1998 awarded to Furchgott, Murad) which is critical in prevention of cardiovascular disease. This is key among others. Frequent citations of Colorectal Cancer cases as a result of “consumption of Red Meat” also reinforce this argument. This is the Design of Life. The human body was created to be vegetarian.
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