This week, the long-awaited annual list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, conducted by a panel of more than 1,000 culinary experts and sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was officially dropped. As the industry is flooded with news of which companies made the list, we are left to wonder how much it would actually cost you to eat at one of the “top 10” newly crowned restaurants in the world.

To find out, we went to each of these restaurants websites to see what people are paying these days for a once in a lifetime dining experience. Keep in mind, the average American family spends $ 314 to $ 500 + a month on food, depending on the region where they live, according to Business Insider. How to make a night in a legendary restaurant? Read on, then consult our helpful list of the Best Cheap Food Restaurant in any state.

Note: There are no American restaurants in the top 10, so we will first give you a brief overview of the cost on this side of the pond and then move on to a countdown to the top 10 restaurants.

Jonathan Q. / Yelp

Alinea is the main restaurant of chef Grant Achatz in Chicago. Taste menus are multi-sensory experiences. Alinea offers three tasting experiences at the Salon starting at $ 275, the Gallery starting at $ 385 and the uber experience at The Alinea Kitchen Table starting at $ 425. A service fee and 20% tax are added at the time of purchase. Meaning: It will cost a party of 4 people at the Salon around $ 1650 depending on the date and time chosen.

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Spencer Platt / Getty Images

For $ 395 (plus tax and bonus), you can get a Japanese-French melting experience like no other at Chef César Ramirez’s chef’s table in Brooklyn Fare. Since the menu is mostly seafood, they cannot accommodate guests with seafood allergies, vegetarian or vegan diets.

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Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Go on a 14-course experience with chef Dominique Crenn at her main restaurant in San Francisco. The usual tasting menu is $ 395- $ 465 per person, plus added drinks. Anyone in the mood for a $ 350 champagne flavor?

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Go B. / Yelp

One of the most well-known and highly regarded seafood restaurants in the world, Le Bernardin’s value deal is the $ 115 lunch experience. But if you’re willing to spend a little money, Taste of Dinner is a 4-course meal for $ 185, a vegetarian tasting is a staggering $ 220, and Final Chef Taste is $ 280 — or $ 430 with summer couples.

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Ken S. / Yelp

Dinner at Atomix is ​​an intimate experience at a U-shaped table that looks directly into the kitchen, where Chef Junghyun presents a tasting menu “inspired by Korean traditions and techniques”. Expect to pay $ 270 if you can make a reservation. Alternatively, take a look at Atoboy, his first restaurant for Korean-inspired cuisine at a lower price. FYI, those is the Korean word for gift.

Jade R. / Yelp

Healdsburg, California is about an hour north of San Francisco. SingleThread offers a 10-course tasting experience that combines Japanese flavors with the seasonal influence of Northern California. 37 is $ 375 per person without taxes and tips.

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San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Newspaper through Getty Images

Dinner at Benu, described as influential Korean and Cantonese with western technique, will return you $ 350. If you have been before, however, the restaurant will create a whole new experience for you.

Mengjia Y. / Yelp

Cosme is a wealthy Mexican restaurant in Manhattan and the highest ranked restaurant in the US on this list. Admissions start at $ 30, so experiencing the # 22 restaurant in the world is certainly achievable. Corn Husk Meringue dessert is worth trying for one of the most unique desserts you have ever had, and the drinks are perfection.

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Vincent Q. / Yelp

At restaurant # 10 on this list, guests will experience Cantonese cuisine like never before. But, take a breath before you read how much it costs, because it’s a bad thing … Dinner at The President starts at $ 828 per person.

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Prices are not on the Pujol website, but a summary sets the cost of the 10-plate Omakase menu at around $ 170 with or without alcohol. They also offer a Taste menu which appears to be around $ 130, unless prices have changed for 2021. With each menu, you get their signature mark, which has been 1000 days old!

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Lisa I. / Yelp

Dinner at Odette includes two offers: a 6-course menu for $ 365 or 8 courses for $ 398. Lunch starts at $ 248 for 6 courses. Call ahead, and the confectionery team will even make a cake for you starting at $ 65! If you do not show up for dinner, you will pay a $ 250 fee, which they donate to charity.


At Maido, guests will experience a mix of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine starting at $ 410 (a vegetable experience is $ 350). If you add summer couples, the cost is $ 665. Peru and Japan are both known for the freshest seafood and high-end beef — like super-luxury Wagyu — so we would suggest you start for the traditional experience.

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Leisa Tyler / Getty Images

The food at Frantzén is described as a unique blend of Nordic tradition with “Asian notes”. To get this experience, be prepared to pay $ 433 per person.

Xavi Torrent / Getty Images

You can enjoy dinner at Disfrutar by choosing from one of their four tasting menus, starting at $ 190 and going up to $ 240. You can expect “an exciting fast-paced, sledding trip and a dining experience.”

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Central Restaurant / Facebook

Dinner at Central starts at around $ 114, which is a steal compared to some of the other restaurants on this list. Even their most luxurious experience comes out at $ 140. Summer couples start at $ 60.

Michael U. / Yelp

Dinner at Asador Etxebarri in Spain will return you $ 240, which includes tips but no drinks.

Bo B. / Yelp

Geranium is right on the road from Noma (see below), in case you want to have lunch at one and then go to the other for dinner. Dinner at Geranium will cost about the same as at Noma, $ 435 per person, but you can add to the “rare and unique” summer experience for $ 16,000. Yes, indeed. Lunch starts at $ 280.

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Dinner at the # 1 restaurant in the world will return you $ 435 per person for the traditional tasting menu. If you want a curated summer mating experience, choose another $ 280 or more. You can choose the fluid pairing for an additional $ 155. Enjoy your meal!

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