Gordon Ramsay once stated on Twitter that he was “allergic” to vegans, but Master chef the host’s “allergy” seems to be a thing of the past. In fact, in recent months the professional chef, who is known for his colorful language and tendency to shout at reality show competitors, has developed and shared several plant-based recipes.

For example, in January 2021, Ramsay shared two videos on his YouTube channel dedicated entirely to vegan recipes in honor of the Veganuary. “Here are some vegan-friendly recipes to help make Veganuary much easier,” he explained in the caption. “Remember that you can exchange items with alternatives if they do not fit your dietary needs.”

Among the favorites of culinary professionals are gazpachos made with roasted tomatoes, and a particularly aromatic flavor of avocado toast covered with lemon peel, sesame seeds and chili flakes. In another YouTube series on winter vegetarian recipes, also shared in January 2021, Ramsay cooked several recipes including roasted pumpkin hummus and olives, tomatoes and rosemary focaccia. Some of them happened to be vegan.

Ever since he changed his tune about meatless foods, Ramsay has sampled vegan food, created a plant-based menu for one of his London restaurants, and participated in a vegan Master chef cook with Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch, who follows a plant-based diet and co-produced the latest flexible documentary Halfway Meatwith

“Veganism is on the rise – we need to adjust and eat a simple pie slice,” Ramsay told show host James Corden in March 2019, acknowledging his past issues with diet.

The reality star later added in a blog post: “If roast is to survive, it must evolve to meet the expectations and diets of our generation. Hence the birth of vegan and vegetarian baking.”

Gordon Ramsay likes to experiment with vegan recipes with flavor

These days, Hell Kitchen the host has renewed its commitment to veganism and is currently collaborating with Silk to help launch the brand new plant-based oat milk. “From the point of view of a restaurant, I could see a more creative demand for [plant-based cooking]With It holds the chefs on their toes. And when I managed to delve into the details of what that move meant, I had continued with oat milk, “Ramsay explained to Delish in July 2021.

For Ramsay, consuming less milk was an easy decision to make. “With the time required in my schedule, removing milk from my diet every day was absolutely crucial.” In addition to Ramsay’s vegan and vegetarian videos on YouTube, he also went on Instagram to share vegan versions of dishes usually made with meat.

The chef, who has completed several marathons in the past, is currently training for an Ironman. He appreciates some plant-based essentials (as well as a rigorous training routine) to help him get in shape. “Without milk. “Just because it ‘s slow,” he told Men’s magazines in August 2021. “Almond milk with Weetabix for breakfast. Smoothie with frozen berries, yogurt. Throwing milk and cheese has made a huge difference. ”

In March 2021, Ramsay announced he was “becoming vegan” and tossed an eggplant steak soaked in mushrooms in a beet juice and red wine reduction. He doubled in July 2021 when he created a BLT sandwich using seasoned tofu strips instead of traditional bacon. While the Briton has not made any permanent changes to his diet, his willingness to embrace veganism is a big step forward, especially given his previous vegan “allergy”.

Moreover, Ramsay also understands that given his role as a respected chef and TV star, it is important that he give veganism a fair shock. “I think we should be the main runners and we should be exemplary,” he explained to Delish. “Being a plant-based creator is just as important as cooking fish or meat. And I think giving balance to customers [makes sense], but must comply with the standard. And this is what we have worked extremely hard for. “

How to cook vegan like Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay likes to share a look at some of his favorite vegan foods through his YouTube channel. He is particularly fond of dishes that combine unusual flavors but are simple to make. He also likes to share recipes for dishes that are naturally vegan and do not use alternative meats or common vegan substitutes. Here are some of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite vegan recipes.

Avocado toast with lemon and sprinkle with black sesame

Ramsay shared a video on YouTube deleting some of his favorite vegan recipes in honor of Veganuary in January 2021. Originally it was breakfast and dough, avocado toast, which the culinary professional made by stuffing sourdough bread baked in grilled sliced ​​avocado slices, which he garnished with a refreshing but spicy mixture of black sesame seeds, chili flakes, lemon peel, salt and pepper.

“Chewing from sesame seeds and the heat from the spicy flakes awakens the avocado,” Ramsay explains. “This, to me, is a delicious and easy start to the day.”

Homemade crunchy granules

For a little fun, Ramsay likes to collect some “stunning granola ups and downs” using fresh vanilla from a legume, oats, puffed rice, wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cranberries and goji berries for a “chewy texture”, and more.His sweet and satisfying recipe also requires the granola to be smeared with honey before it enters the oven, so be sure to use vegan honey if you do this at home.

“My crunchy home-made granola looks good, tastes good and is packed with healthy grains, superfood berries and seeds,” Ramsay declares. “Incredible is great for you too – a breakfast for the champions.”

Spicy fruit salad with chili

Fruit salad is nothing new, but Ramsay enhances it by adding a delicious (and still vegan!) Mix. The spicy coating is made with finely chopped chili peppers, tamarind paste, palm sugar, lemon juice and flavor, and toasted peanuts. According to the chef, the dressing really complements the fruit salad, which includes diced pineapples as well as sliced ​​apples and pears. He also tosses a few pieces of mango and cucumber seeds for a “fresh and light note”.

“The secret to a good fruit salad is not to drown it in sauce,” Ramsay adds. “Do not worry about eating it only for breakfast, because this is the type of sweet fruit salad that you can eat for lunch or a healthy snack in the afternoon. [The dressing] turns a traditional fruit salad into something really delicious. “

Frying with bananas

In the second part of his Veganuary recipe series, Ramsay fry vegan banana fruit using a dough that includes baked bananas, flour, baking powder, sugar, coconut flakes, a pinch of salt and lime peel.

“Lime really boosts the richness and density of bananas,” he explains. Once the blushes are browned, Ramsay sprinkle them with a little sugar.


According to Ramsay, the “secret” to a large bowl of gazpacho lies in the fresh fruits and vegetables you use. His version of chilled soup is made with roasted tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, whip and basil. Ramsay is also partial to making gazpacho with garlic and bread crumbs – for added flavor and texture, respectively.

The key to this dish, he notes, is allowing all the ingredients to marinate together, including olive oil, salt, black pepper and hassle vinegar. “When you mix it, it just blends in like this wonderful, rich, delicious and cold soup.”

Pineapple carpaccio with pomegranate seeds and vanilla salt

What makes this healthy, plant-based dessert really special is the inclusion of vanilla salt, which is simply vanilla seeds and sea salt combined. The unusual filling is then sprinkled on thin slices of pineapple, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint.

Focus on olive, tomato and rosemary

In addition to sharing many of his favorite vegan recipes on YouTube in January 2021, Ramsay also shared some of his vegetarian recipes. Not surprisingly, some of those dishes were casually vegan.

For example, the famous chef, who likes to bake, made a focaccia dough with bread flour, oatmeal, dried yeast, olive oil and water. He covered it with more olive oil, tomatoes, olives and fresh rosemary. “You can’t beat a warm, fresh slice of home-cooked focaccia,” he declared. “It’s rustic, charming and it’s the perfect way to start baking,”

Roasted pumpkin humus

For something “extremely aromatic” and plant-based, Ramsay suggests ripe pumpkin humus, another vegetarian (and casually vegan) favorite. In addition to titular squash, this saturated dip is made with a blend of spices including cinnamon, paprika, dill seeds, cloves, cumin and more.

To give the humus the traditional structure, Ramsay bake and mix the squash, and add cooked chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. Roasted spices for maximum flavor [results in] wonderful humus of roasted pumpkin, “he shares.

Gordon Ramsay vegan eggplant steak on a plate
Gordon Ramsay vegan eggplant steak. | Gordon Ramsay

Eggplant steak

In March 2021, Ramsay rocked the internet when he declared: “After three decades of cooking – hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of hours after the stove – I am becoming vegan.”

The chef later clarified that his veganism was only valid for one meal; however, he wiped a meatless eggplant steak, burning an eggplant, smearing it with spices such as peppercorns, mustard seeds, smoked paprika and rosemary, and then roasting it in a pan with beet juice and reducing red wine.

To make the reduction even richer, Ramsay tossed vegetable butter and slices. He also served his vegetable-based steak with seasoned mushrooms and vegan mashed potatoes. “Vegetarian steak dinner is fortunately done,” he shared.

BLT wine

Ramsay (briefly) “became vegan” again in July 2021 when he prepared a plant-based lunch via Instagram that took the form of a vegan summer BLT. While standard BTL sandwiches are made with bacon, the vegan version of Ramsay includes tofu strips similar to seasoned bell peppers with red pepper, maple syrup, soy sauce and more. The sandwich also included legacy cut tomatoes, vegan brioche bread, a plant-based basil aioli and fresh lettuce.

A vegan green juice made with fruits and vegetables
Gordon Ramsay vegan green juice made with fresh fruit and mint. | Remove the spray

Apple, mint and lemon juice

On his website, Ramsay has a handful of vegan recipes. One of them is for a healthy green juice made using a delicious combination of fruits and vegetables, including apple, mint, spinach, lime and cucumber. Simply mix the ingredients together and you will be ready to run a marathon, rebuild a nightmare kitchen and cook vegan just like Ramsay.