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The supermarket chain owned by US employee Publix has just expanded its plant-based range under its GreenWise brand with vegan chicken tenders. The new GreenWise Chickenless tenders will hit stores across the US this month, adding to the vegan private label range that includes a plant-based meat burger and veggie burgers.

Publix is ​​touching the vegan meat trend, expanding GreenWise plant-based offerings with a new GreenWise Chickenless Tenders product. Made from pea protein, vegan chicken tenders will be announced at more than 1,200 Publix stores across the US this August. It follows the launch of the Meatless Burger brand in early April this year, which marked the company’s first attack on the plant-based meat segment.

GreenWise chicken-free tenders

GreenWise just expanded its plant-based meat line with vegan chicken tenders. (Image: Publix)
The Flag of Evolution

New plant-based chicken tenders will be made from 100% plant ingredients including pea protein, bean protein, pea fiber, canola oil and natural flavoring. Each serving contains 11 grams of protein, and is completely free of soy and gluten.

It boasts a list of ingredients similar to GreenWise Meatless Burger, which also uses a pea protein base and is flavored with garlic powder, onion powder, vinegar and natural color using beet powder. Each burger cake, which is also soy and gluten free, boasts 19 grams of vegetable protein.

Both products represent Publix entering the plant-based meat market, with its previous range of vegan-friendly products under the GreenWise brand offering mostly traditional vegetarian hamburgers like black bean hamburgers and garden vegetable hamburgers.

Vegan chicken tenders will be announced in Publix stores this August. (Image: Publix)

Responding to plant-based demand

According to Publix, the launch of its new plant-based meat products GreenWise comes amid growing demand for more vegan options from ordinary consumers. Within the US, retail sales of plant-based products reached an all-time high last year, reaching $ 7 billion for the first time.

Globally, consumers have shifted to more advanced diets than ever before, with many choosing to go “vegan part-time”, a practice known as flexibility. Euromonitor estimates that up to 42% of all consumers globally now consider themselves flexible.

“Consumers are looking for more plant-based options to include in their diets,” commented Maria Brous, communications director at Publix. “By developing these meatless products under our trusted private label GreenWise, we are offering our customers high quality opportunities to support their lifestyle.”

Publix launched pea-based meatless burgers in April this year. (Image: Publix)

Brous added that the retail chain is also taking steps to cater to increasingly conscious buyers with various sustainability initiatives, such as supplying more local products and expanding its range of vegan alternatives to brands. known as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, as well as offering natural substitutes like fresh fruit

Vegan Chicken Wars

GreenWise is entering an increasingly crowded marketplace, with beginners and food gamers determined to all offer a variety of plant-based chicken products in recent months. The latest to announce his entry into the category is food technology giant Impossible Foods, as his rival Beyond Meat unveiled Tenders Beyond Chicken at 400 restaurants in North America.

The Tyson Foods’ Raised & Rooted brand recently decided to remove eggs from its entire product line, making its chicken-free pieces 100% vegan, while leading agribusiness Cargill is selling sail sails under its PlantEver label. in mainland China.

Other brands selling plant-based chicken include Singapore-based Tindle, Spain Heura, Nuggs by Simulate, Daring Foods, Conagra Gardein subsidiary, and Maple Leaf Foods Lightlife.

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