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Nutrisystem is a popular weight loss program that offers low-calorie, frozen, or shelf-free foods and foods to help you lose weight without having to track down your food.

The Nutrisystem Vegetarian is a plant-based version of the Nutrisystem program that contains the same benefits but provides only meats and lean foods.

This article examines what Nutrisystem Vegetarian is, if it works for weight loss, and the pros and cons of the program.

Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that boasts that it can help you lose up to 8 pounds “fast”.

The service delivers a certain number of snacks and pre-packaged foods to your door, so you can complete the 4-week program.

The vegetarian plan includes meat-free meals and snacks, but they may include dairy products, eggs, or animal-based additives.

There are over 90 vegetarian options in the Nutrisystem catalog. Some examples include:

  • raisin bagel with raisins
  • spicy noodles kung pao
  • fiesta pasta and cheese
  • cupcake with strawberries
  • white cedar popcorn

How it works

Nutrisystem is a 4-week program in which you eat 6 small meals a day. Most of the food you eat is provided by the Nutrisystem program and is formulated to be low in calories so that minimal follow-up is required.

In addition to your meals and snacks offered by Nutrisystem, you will choose foods and snacks that are low in calories, low in calories and rich in fiber and protein.

Vegetarian examples might include a mixture of tofu with kale and mozzarella cheese, or hummus with carrots and celery.

For men, the Nutrisystem program – when followed correctly – provides about 1,500 calories a day, and for women about 1,200 calories a day.

At the Vegetarian Nutrisystem, all the food you need for the first full week is provided. You will get enough snacks, snacks and shakes for 6 small meals a day for 7 days.

In addition, you will receive enough food for 5 days of each week for the remaining 3 weeks of the program.

You can repeat the program as needed if you want to lose more weight.


The regular price for the Vegetarian Nutrisystem for women is around $ 290, resulting in about $ 10 per day.

For men, the price is a bit higher. Because men usually need more calories, Nutrisystem sends more food to men. The Vegetarian Nutrisystem for men costs about $ 330, which is approximately $ 12 a day.

You also have the option to add 28 extra shocks for $ 40.

Transportation is always free.


Nutrisystem Vegetarian is a meatless version of the Nutrisystem diet program. It is a 28-day program that provides most of the meals and foods you need. These foods are formulated to be low in calories.

Although the Nutrisystem Vegetarian has not been specifically studied for its benefits in weight loss, the standard Nutrisystem program has.

You should keep in mind, however, that some studies conducted at Nutrisystem have been funded or received assistance from Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem employees.

A Nutrisystem-funded study in 78 people compared Nutrisystem with the Dietary Approaches to Prevent Hypertension (DASH) diet to investigate weight loss.

After 16 weeks, the Nutrisystem group had lost an average of about 6 pounds (6 kg) each, compared with the DASH diet group by 4 pounds (1.8 kg) (1)

Another study noted that people in the Nutrisystem had about 4% more weight loss after 12 weeks than a group that received education and counseling than a structured program (2)

Moreover, there is some evidence that vegetarian diets may be more effective for weight loss than non-vegetarian diets, although this effect appears to have been reduced in vegetarian diets that also include milk and eggs — such as the Vegetarian Nutrisystem (3)


The Nutrisystem seems to work for short-term weight loss, and there may be a slight weight loss advantage to following a vegetarian diet, compared to non-vegetarian diets.

The Nutrisystem program can offer several blood sugar control benefits for people with type 2 diabetes.

A review of studies noted that Nutrisystem reduced hemoglobin A1c, a measure of a person’s average blood sugar levels over 3 months, by 0.3% more than counseling after only 6 months (4)

Moreover, Nutrisystem and Vegetarian Nutrisystem offer convenience for people who want to lose weight but are too busy to spend a lot of time planning meals, shopping, preparing and cooking.


The Nutrisystem can help improve blood sugar control, and the program offers a great degree of convenience for people who want to lose weight but are too busy to cook or buy regularly.

Vegetarian Nutrisystem is quite expensive, between 10 – 12 dollars a day. If you need to complete more than one round of the 28-day program, these costs can increase quickly.

However, it may be worth the cost to you if you value comfort and time savings, or if you would otherwise dine out anyway.

Another weakness of the Vegetarian Nutrisystem is that it is not suitable for vegans. In fact, it is better for lacto-ovo vegetarians, who are vegetarians who eat eggs and milk.

Nutrisystem brand foods are also highly processed, despite being low in calories.

Highly processed foods are generally less saturated than whole foods and are associated with a number of health issues. It is generally best to choose whole, raw foods when possible (5, 6)

Finally, little is known about the long-term results of human weight loss in Nutrisystem. The Nutrisystem program can be extremely restrictive and following calorie restricted diets can often lead to weight gain (7, 8)

Long-term studies on Nutrisystem are needed to determine if participants are able to sustain their weight loss.


Vegetarian Nutrisystem is not suitable for vegans and can be very expensive, especially if you do more than one round. Foods are also highly processed, and the diet itself is restrictive and may not result in sustained weight loss.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian is offered as a vegetarian-friendly version of the well-known Nutrisystem weight loss program.

The program offers foods and meatless foods that are formulated to be low in calories, to help people lose weight with minimal pursuit, shopping or cooking.

Nutrisystem seems to be effective for short-term weight loss, and vegetarian diets can also be beneficial for weight loss. However, Nutrisystem can be expensive, restrictive and encourage the consumption of highly processed food.

If you are trying to lose weight on a vegetarian diet and have limited time for cooking, shopping or preparing meals, the Nutrisystem Vegetarian may be worth considering.

However, for optimal health and long-term weight maintenance, you may want to look at a more consistent, less restrictive diet.

Try Nutrisystem today.